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IT Managed Services

Managed IT Services offer a fixed fee option to companies who don’t want to pay for downtime but instead want to budget and plan for their IT needs. Our customers range from small five person offices to 50 employee medium-sized businesses. With a team of certified Microsoft technicians, we specialize in the design, deployment, and support of Microsoft Technologies for the small to medium business (SMB).

Alarm Monitoring

24/7 GTS Security Home Alarm Monitoring — Holidays, weekends, the middle of the night – there is never a time of the day or night when the Broadview Security monitoring professionals are not available to keep a close watch over your family, home and valued possessions. Regardless of whether you are at home or not, help is never more than a few moments away!

Life Safety Solutions

Global Tech Systems can assist you with all commercial and residential fire alarm systems, installation and maintenance services. When Global Tech Systems installs a commercial and residential fire alarm system, every  local regulation, insurance requirement, NFPA regulation and inspection code is met. In the case of a detected fire, an alarm will sound and our Central Station Monitoring Center is immediately informed to alert proper safety authorities.

Global Tech Systems supplies and installs a variety of smoke alarm fire detector systems for residential, industrial, retail and office environments. Conventional, analogue addressable smoke detector systems and wire free radio fire alarms equipped with all types of bells and sounders, call points, strobes, door retainers and evacuation warning systems are all available. We can also arrange for a free assessment of your current fire alarm system and verify its performance. Global Tech Systems is an approved company for commercial and residential smoke detector maintenance and inspections for all types of fire prevention, suppression and fire alarm systems.

Business Continuity

Secure Online Backup
In today's business world you can insure against just about any catastrophe. You can replace your stock, your premises, your cars and even your hardware almost overnight. But what would happen if you lost all the data on your computers, backups and all?

Think about it for a minute . . . data such as your accounts receivable, accounts payable, stock counts, work in progress, quotes, client/patient and supplier databases and historical data that you have built up over the years . . all gone! Would your business survive?

Access Control

Access control devices are essential to maintaining the security of restricted areas by preventing the entry of unauthorized individuals. From fingerprint readers and card access control devices to keypad entry systems. Global Tech Systems offers access control devices to meet any security need or budget. Access control devices are effectively utilized for authorized control in businesses, institutions, apartment buildings, etc. For more information on our wide selection of access control devices, please contact our sales team.

Fleet Management

GTS offers commercial car and truck fleet management services to help you save time and money and reduce environmental impact.  Track your vehicles anywhere in the world.  Easy to use web interface tied to google maps pin pointing a vehicle's position within 30 feet.

IT Security

Our IT team prevents and monitors unauthorized access, misuse, or modification, of the computer network and network-accessible resources for small to medium businesses. Our 3 Global Tech Solutions for the SMB include firewall solutions, virus/malware solutions, and email security.

We keep out intruders (hackers) by using a high-performance security appliance to protect your PCs and Servers against intruders and most common Internet attacks.  We use powerful VPN Firewalls which can extend security from your main office to satellite offices or remote users by encrypting traffic traveling across the Internet, giving your users secure access to network resources.  Our solutions are competitively priced and can be fully manageable on a budget for a fixed monthly fee.

We want you to be able to focus on your business instead of worrying about viruses, malware, or spyware infecting your computers. Our award-winning IT Security Partner, ESET®, provides worry-free security software by blocking threats before they can do harm to your computers,  file servers, and mail servers while preventing computer slow down. We provide proactive protection for your PC's and Servers through a centrally managed console allowing us monitor your environment remotely giving us the ability to respond to vulnerabilities and threats.

Guard Services

GTS offers a range of alarm response and patrol options for your business or home. If you’re leaving the island and need us to keep an eye on your property, or need an escort to accompany you on an alarm response at your business, our team of trained security personnel is available to assist 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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